Back to my happy place

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I am so happy to be stepping back out into the world with my paintings at the Art Fair Among the Iris in Schreiner’s Iris Gardens in Keizer Oregon. Its being held over Memorial Day weekend and there will be some wonderful art, flowers, food, wine and as always picnic tables and nice places to sit and enjoy the day.

My favorite thing about this event is that everyone who comes loves flowers and art, so I’m among my people. I love sharing my art with people who really enjoy it. No one says, “gosh, don’t you ever paint trains?” not that painting trains is a bad thing but its definitely not my thing, unless I can cover it in flowers…

Also, the gardens. The Shreiner’s Iris Gardens are magnificent, opulent, bodacious, lush and full of vibrant color. The gardens have iris and rose, columbine and alium, poppies and clematis, flowering trees and wild bunnies frolicking across the grass. I like to get there early and enjoy the birds and flowers while I prepare for my day.

Many of my paintings are either started in the gardens or painted from sketches and photos I took in the gardens, they never cease to inspire me. It may rain this weekend but I still look forward to a soul restoring weekend among flowers and the people who love them.

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